About Us

In 2000, a dazzling idea saw the light in the city of Beirut. An ingenuous concept sparkled in the mind of Mr. Fadi Nizameddine, who envisioned a new horizon for Home Beauty. His ambition took him to the East and the West to bring back home the best and most stylish curtains, upholstery fabrics and accessories. Mr. Nizameddine’s idea was as big as his ambition. And ambition requires not only great efforts but also passion so that it grows into a success.

From a small idea a leading company burgeoned. And in a short time, Nizameddine co. grew to quickly become a synonym for “House of Fabrics & Curtains” and an icon in the field of Sewing, Upholstery, Embroidery, and home decoration, regionally and internationally.


To spread beauty inside the interior spaces of our clients, through those small details that reveal it and make it a source of pride and happiness.


To retain the leadership position in the field of curtains, fabrics and their accessories. To maintain the name of Nizameddine co. as synonym for first-class fabrics by offering wide range of innovative products at affordable prices.


We are keen to offer you the highest quality products and superior service through our branches located across Lebanon through a dedicated team. The commitment to creativity and innovation that has always been our motivation to provide the finest fabrics and accessories by internationally-acclaimed designers, from all over the world.